Discord AMA with Arto Ruotsalainen, February 2022
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Updated August 03, 2022
cryengine 5.7 LTS

A live AMA with CRYENGINE General Manager Arto Ruotsalainen, who answered questions from the community about the now and the future of our engine.

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00:00 Introduction
06:15 What is coming to 5.7, what happened to items removed from the roadmap?
08:40 What does LTS actually mean?
09:55 When will we get more info about the next release?
11:10 What happened to the Beta program?
12:47 When will the marketplace submissions work again?
14:35 Do you plan to modernize GameSDK?
15:45 Whats happening with Flowgraph?
18:20 Oculus VR Pipeline vs Steam VR Pipeline
20:13 What about GitHub?
24:20 Will the next Cryengine use a brand new framework or retain some old systems?
26:00 Will the next Cryengine have some form of a new Game UI support?
26:28 For new features, what can we expect? Ray Tracing, new animation system etc.?
27:03 Will there be more consistent communication, even if the news is that there are no news?
29:10 What's one of the biggest lessions the Cryengine team has learned with COVID and developing towards 5.7?
33:35 What is happening to different editors (Terrain, Material, ...)?
38:17 Will Cryengine support Intel XESS, AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS?
39:25 What new rendering features are the team looking at in the future?
41:00 Is Cryengine going to partner with some third-party hardware and software providers?
43:42 Is there a plan to make the engine more appealing to game developers?
50:42 What is the plan for Vulkan and mobile support?
52:53 Will systems like the new animation system be added to the LTS or the Beta Program?
53:43 Will the Beta Program also include internal developments that you are testing? (i.e. things developed for Crysis 4)
55:37 How often will the community get updates about the future of the engine?
58:52 Wrapup

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