Animation Rigging Using Maya - Master Class
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Difficulty Intermediate
Updated June 29, 2021
Autdesk Maya

Lead Technical Artist and master rigger Alexander Raab walks you through the process of setting up a character rig in Maya, exporting the character, .skin files and animations, and getting it up and running in CRYENGINE 5.6, including defining the skeleton and material for your .CDF (Character Definition File), physics-driven attachments, inverse kinematics, constraint aim modifiers, and more.

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  • 00:00           Introduction
  • 00:35           Installing tools for 3DS Max
  • 01:43           Opening the rig
  • 02:25           Working with pre-existing rigs
  • 02:38           Understanding .CDF files
  • 03:50           Understanding skinning
  • 04:35           Bringing a skinned Maya character into the engine
  • 06:34           Exporting a .SKIN file from Maya
  • 06:57           Coordinate systems in Maya vs. CRYENGINE
  • 08:10           Assigning a texture to the character in Maya
  • 10:55           Exporting the character from Maya
  • 12:47           Creating a new .CDF character in CRYENGINE
  • 13:46           Defining the skeleton
  • 17:45           Assigning a material in Character Tool
  • 19:43           Defining an animation folder for a .CDF character
  • 21:22           Exporting animations from Maya
  • 25:14           Examining the .CDF file format
  • 25:38           Skeleton extensions
  • 39:12           Setting up Look Inverse Kinematics (IK)
  • 41:03           Constraint aim modifier
  • 45:41           Setting up a leg IK
  • 49:57           Summary


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