Breeze ep. 1: Prototyping With Matthias Otto
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 28, 2021
cryengine 5.6

The CRYENGINE Summer Academy season 1 takes you through the process of building a jump-and-run third person platformer game starting with episode 1, in which Principal Level Designer Matthias Otto discusses his approach to prototyping games based on his vast experience designing games for Crytek including Hunt:Showdown, Robinson, the Crysis series, The Climb, and many more.

 This is episode one in this 15-part build-a-game series on how to build Breeze, a third person jump-and-run platformer, using CRYENGINE 5.6. Hosted by Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Breeze
  • 01:10 Introducing the World
  • 01:35 Low Poly Assets in Breeze
  • 02:00 Introducing the gameplay
  • 02:45 Interview with Matthias Otto
  • 20:50 Introducing the Designer Tool
  • 22:05 Particles we used in Breeze
  • 23:30 Character & Animations in Breeze
  • 24:25 Blendspaces & Mannequin
  • 24:51 Audio in Breeze
  • 25:25 Outro


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