Breeze ep. 4: principal environment artist Tom Deerberg
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 28, 2021
cryengine 5.6

 This is episode four in this 15-part build-a-game series on how to build Breeze, a third person jump-and-run platformer, using CRYENGINE 5.6. Hosted by Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin.

In this episode, Principal 3D Environment Artist Tom Deerberg joins host Roman Perezogin, Junior Evangelist, to discuss environment art and design. Roman and Tom discuss the workflow for the stylized assets that feature in Breeze, and Tom gives his advice for developers starting out with CRYENGINE. Tom reveals the importance of planning ahead and why time spent building a collection of reference images before you start modeling assets will pay off. Throughout the video, Tom gives fascinating insights about creating AAA games and his own indie passion project, Ramiwo. This episode runs for over an hour and is packed full of great recommendations, tips, guidance, and lessons.


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