Character Art Asset Prep Using 3DS Max
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated August 03, 2022
3DS Max
cryengine 5.6

Character Art Director Abdenour Bachir delivers an in-depth presentation showing character art preparation workflows that you can use in your own projects. The presentation covers everything from prototyping a character asset in Max to setting up the asset in CRYENGINE, including syncing materials, lighting, and testing it in the engine.


Time   Topic

00:00 Introduction

01:07 Agenda

01:46 PBR (Physically Based Rendering)

07:45 Exporting high resolution textures to specific hardware platforms

08:33 The 3 basic texture types used for characters

09:19 Character-related shaders

10:35 Character head demo in engine

11:57 Setting custom FOVs to showcase character

12:54 Setting up a test background and lighting

13:40 Folder organization for character assets

15:58 Protyping a character asset in Max

19:17 Creating a new level in the engie

20:51 Moving an object's pivot in Max

21:29 Modifying an object's pivot in Max

23:21 Pivots and geometry precision

24:10 Creating a character material in engine and syncing it with Max

26:37 Creating a new material in engine

28:37 Syncing an engine material to and model in Max

30:17 Testing multi-materials in engine

30:40 Converting a material to a multi-material

34:07 Placing a background behind the head

35:39 Adding lights to the scene

37:42 Generating a cube map

38:20 Testing various cubemaps on an asset

39:12 Adjusting the angle of the sun

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