Setting up a Player Character (FBX)

The Deer Project

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Difficulty Intermediate
Updated August 02, 2022
cryengine 5.x
visual studio

Hosted by CRYENGINE Learning Manager Brian Dilg, this tutorial shows you how to integrate character models, including animations, into the existing player entity in the C++ isometric template. The short tutorial uses an adorable deer as its subject. You can view a completed level with all assets imported using the FBX pipeline here.

Time    Topic
00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Understanding Where the Default Player Is Defined
01:17 - Related tutorials
01:38 - FBX vs Plug-In Workflow
02:22 - Creating the Project From a Template
02:44 - Setting Up the New Character Folder
03:10 - Importing and Setting Up an .FBX Animated Character
03:28 - Importing the FBX Into the Character Tool
04:24 - Examining Your Imported Character
04:53 - Display Options in the Character Tool
05:39 - Creating a Physics Proxy
06:11 - Editing the player.xml File
07:02 - Editing SkeletonList.xml
07:40 - Separating the animations
10:11 - Changing the Default Character in C++
10:42 - Generating a C++ Solution
11:26 - Configuring Build Method in Visual Studio
11:50 - Modifying the Player Character in Player.cpp
12:12 - Building and Testing Your Project From C++
13:03 - Assigning Animations in the Mannequin Editor
13:35 - Finding Help With Mannequin in the Documentation
14:18 - Using Mannequin to Assign Animations

Assets required

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