Environment Art with 3DS Max Master Class
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 12, 2022
3DS Max

Veteran Crytek environment artists Ronny Mühle and Tom Deerberg walk you through all of the stages of creating environmental assets for your levels using 3DS Max, including physicalized static and dynamic meshes like rocks or buildings, physics proxies, texture maps, vegetation that responds to both wind and collisions with physicalized objects, materials, breakable objects, and moving assets between 3DS Max and CRYENGINE.

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  • 00:00:00    Introduction
  • 00:00:35    Exporting textures from Photoshop: albedo, normal, gloss, etc.
  • 00:02:36    Creating materials in Photoshop
  • 00:05:38     Debugging: seeing various textures with View Modes
  • 00:06:43    Support for additional textures
  • 00:06:57    Vegetation opacity maps
  • 00:08:27    Exporting textures from Substance Designer
  • 00:09:17    .DDS and .cryasset file formats
  • 00:09:45    Exporting 3D meshes from 3DS Max
  • 00:10:43    Setting up the 3DS Max exporter tools
  • 00:13:49    Adding LODs for static assets
  • 00:17:30    Adding a physics proxy for a static object
  • 00:19:03    Setting up materials in 3DS Max
  • 00:22:30    Surface types in materials
  • 00:24:17    Placing .CGF models as brushes
  • 00:24:34    Placing .CGF models using vegetation editor and terrain paint layers
  • 00:25:44    Placing .CGF models procedurally using terrain paint layers and vegetation editor
  • 00:27:02    Placing .CGF models as physicalized entities
  • 00:28:39    Archetype entities
  • 00:29:30    Prefabs
  • 00:30:09    Setting up vegetation bending using 3DS Max vertext colors
  • 00:37:58    Vegetation touch bending in grass vegetation (physics-driven)
  • 00:40:59    Seeing vegetation bones with p_drawHelpers
  • 00:44:31    Exporting CGF models to OBJ to edit in 3DS Max
  • 00:52:04    Creating a collision proxy for an object
  • 01:00:03    Breakable object setup
  • 01:11:50    Debug draw modes
  • 01:14:31    Using e_DebugDraw modes to optimize assets

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