Audio for animations - Fmod Studio workflow part 2
Tutorial info  
Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 15, 2022
fmod studio
cryengine 5.x
  • 0:34 - Setting up the audio showcase sample project
  • 0:50 - Removing the read-only flag from the tutorial assets
  • 1:26 - Examing the tutorial audio assets
  • 1:55 - Creating the Fmod project setup
  • 2:40 - Creating 2D multi-instrument events in Fmod
  • 4:01- Using Fmod's Spatializer
  • 4:49 - 3D vs. 2D event in Fmod
  • 5:03 - Pan override option in Fmod
  • 6:03 - Creating a new library in CRYENGINE
  • 7:08 - Using the Character Tool
  • 7:20 - Using animation events to create triggers
  • 8:04 - Creating an animevents files
  • 8:49 - Adding audio triggers to the animation
  • 10:47 - Adding the foley sound to the animation
  • 11:01 - Adding a joint on which to play an animation event
  • 11:41 - Example of animevents in Hunt:Showdown

The tutorial shows you the process of adding footsteps and Foley (additional sound effects to create realism) to audio with a first-person character. You’ll also learn how to add triggers to animations by using the Character Tool, create and associate an Animevents file to the skeleton of a character, create animation events, and test the audio. To complete this course, please download the free Audio Showcase Level from the documentation here, which includes all of the assets you require.

The tutorial uses FMOD audio middleware, which you can download from their website.

Alongside FMOD, SDL Mixer and Wwise workflows are also covered in the written documentation which you can use to follow along with this tutorial.

Part one of this tutorial shows you how to add ambient sounds, audio triggers, and link sounds to actions like firing a gun.

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