01-1: Intro, level design, entities, spawn points, GameSDK
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 12, 2022

        Time Topic

  •   0:14 Erasing the height map
  •   0:34 Selecting entities in the Level Explorer
  •   0:52 Using level layers 
  •   1:55 Creating the RigidBodyEx player entity
  •   2:44 Physicalizing a RigidBodyEx entity
  •   3:03 Understanding and assigning a mass
  •   3:19 Using the Physics Resting property
  •   3:35 Interacting with a physicalized RigidBodyEx entity
  •   3:51 Using the Go To Selection command
  •   4:33 Naming entities
  •   5:21 Assigning a material to an entity
  •   6:37 Generating thumbnails for assets
  •   7:32 Positioning entities
  •   9:10 Creating the first Flow Graph game mechanic
  •   9:47 Adding an AI Tag Point entity to house a Flow Graph script
  • 10:01 Using Helpers
  • 11:25 Refreshing the Flow Graph graph list
  • 11:54 Adding a game start node
  • 12:22 Navigation in Flow Graph
  • 12:31 Understanding Flow Graph nodes
  • 13:23 Understanding the GameSDK-defined player
  • 14:04 Adding an Actor:Local Player node
  • 14:23 Understanding entity IDs
  • 16:26 Editing Flow Graph port properties
  • 17:46 Adding a physics impulse
  • 18:16 Assigning an entity ID to a node

An introduction to the CRYENGINE 5 interface, creating a new level, sculpting terrain, working with the default  camera, spawning the GameSDK player, adding brush entities, and modifying entities by moving, scaling, and rotating. This introduction is relevant to any game and is not specific only to the Flappy Boid project.

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