Volumetric Fog: Environment Editor Part 2
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Difficulty Intermediate
Updated April 07, 2020
cryengine 5.6

Learn every aspect of using volumetric fog, from its theoretical underpinnings and relationship to real-world atmosphere to fine-tuning voxelization through console variables. The tutorial also compares the previous fog effect with the advantages that volumetric fog provides, showing you the parallels as well as the differences.

The tutorial goes on to explain the environment editor parameters, distinguishing between those that affect global fog from those that only affect local fog volumes. You can also access our written documentation, which covers the topics discussed in even more depth. 

Get up to speed by watching part one of this series, which gives you a broad overview of the environment editor’s features. If you are completely new to CRYENGINE or game development, we recommend that you download our beginner’s course or watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel for the latest tutorials from CRYENGINE.

  • 1:27 - First steps for a new environment preset
  • 2:11 - Enabling volumetric fog
  • 2:36 - Old fog controls when volumetric fog is enabled
  • 3:00 - Global volumetric fog and local fog volumes
  • 3:14 - Using fog volumes without enabling volumetric fog
  • 3:31 - Enabling volumetric fog in a startup file
  • 3:46 - The three categories of volumetric fog environment editor settings
  • 4:29 - Comparing old fog and volumetric fog settings
  • 4:44 - Global volumetric fog albedo color
  • 5:50 - Top height of old vs. volumetric fog
  • 6:17 - Keeping global fog out of buildings
  • 6:40 - Using ramping with global fog
  • 8:35 - Constaining local fog volumes using clip volumes
  • 10:39 - Excluding fog from a clip volume
  • 12:07 - Including (constraining) fog only inside a clip volume
  • 13:03 - Making a fog volume "emissive"
  • 13:45 - Fog volume albedo vs. emissive color
  • 16:01 - Setting a fog volume's color locally vs. globally
  • 16:20 - Anisotropy
  • 19:04 - Controlling whether environment probes affect volumetric fog
  • 19:24 - Controlling falloff, edge softness, ramping, and noise in fog volumes
  • 19:56 - Environment editor settings that affect both global and local fog volumes
  • 20:02 - In-scattering
  • 20:26 - Extinction
  • 20:50 - Final density clamp
  • 21:21 - Range
  • 21:50 - Fine-tuning voxelization using cVars

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