05: Adding an Animated Background

Adding an animated background cloud texture, modeling a box with Designer tool

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Difficulty Beginner
Updated August 03, 2022

        Time Topic 

  •   0:00 Game design considerations re illusion of horizontal movement
  •   1:11 Enabling volumetric clouds
  •   1:28 Using the Console and cVars
  •   1:55 Getting help with console variables
  •   2:42 Modeling a box using the Designer tool
  •   5:02 Setting a custom aspect ratio in the Perspective viewport
  •   5:25 Creating a new material using Material Editor Legacy
  •   6:20 Adding a texture map to a material
  •   6:45 Assigning a material to an entity from the Material Editor Legacy
  •   7:55 Animating a texture
  •   8:44 Changing shaders to eliminate shadows and lighting
  • 10:05 Exporting a Designer model as a CGF
Assets required
  • https://www.cryengine.com/marketplace/product/crytek/flappy-boid

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