Gear mechanisms - constraints

How to set up gear-like or multi-entity intermeshed mechanisms using physics constraints

Tutorial info  
Difficulty Intermediate
Updated August 01, 2022
cryengine 5.x
  • 0:41 Setting up a simple two gear arrangement
  • 1:30 Adding the point constraint
  • 1:44 Understanding default point constraint rotation
  • 3:55 Adding the linking entity (the constraint owner)
  • 4:33 Linking the master gear to the linker entity
  • 5:11 Adding the slave gear
  • 6:42 Adding the plane constraint to control the slave gear
  • 8:18 Setting the plane constraint's Bend Max Angle
  • 9:11 Setting up the Target Link name and Helper Link Name for the plane constraint
  • 9:54 Creating a simple Flow Graph script to automatically rotate the gears for testing
  • 13:27 Setting up two slave gears at a greater distance from the master and varying gear ratios
  • 14:42 Changing the slave gear's rotation direction by moving the plane constraint
  • 15:32 Adding a second slave gear
  • 16:59 Setting up non-parallel gears
  • 18:30 Setting up tank wheels in a uniform direction
  • 20:23 Creating complex mechanisms using slave gears as masters
  • 22:17 Final tips

Recorded using CRYENGINE 5.6

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