Light components in depth
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated April 09, 2020

This in-depth lighting tutorial covers the following topics:

  • 0:47 Point vs. projector light components
  • 1:50 Properties common to point and projector lights
  • 3:38 Area lights
  • 6:52 Using area lights to create a moonlit night scene
  • 12:02 Using clip volumes to constrain lights
  • 17:57 Using clip volumes with projector lights
  • 18:59 Projector lights and projection textures
  • 20:18 Making a custom light projection texture
  • 22:15 Installing and using the CryTIf Photoshop plug-in
  • 25:34 Custom projection texture use cases
  • 27:44 Assembling a light fixture model
  • 29:26 Understanding SSR (Screen Space Reflections)
  • 33:29 Environment probes
  • 36:26 Environment probes and dynamic lighting

Recorded with CRYENGINE 5.6

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