Audio master class

1) Intro to audio for games 2) C++ audio programming 3) Adding audio triggers to a game

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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 26, 2021
Visual Studio
FMOD Studio

This three-part audio master class includes an overview of audio production and design for games, working with audio C++ code and the CRYENGINE API, and a hands-on implementation of audio in the the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase Level, which you can download for free from the CRYENGINE Marketplace.

The presentation covers audio production as a whole, an overview of the core concepts in CRYENGINE's audio system, the audio setup process in CRYENGINE, how to use ambient sounds like echo and reverb, and an overview of audio code. The presentation also includes a Middleware tutorial using FMOD as an example, which you can follow along with by using the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase Level. This section contains an overview of the FMOD interface, creating and populating a sound bank, adding trigger spots to a level, making ambient sounds that loop continuously, creating a sound bank for particle effects, the debugging process, and more. 

In addition to downloading the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase level, you can also use the documentation, which contains a written version of the hands-on component of this master class as well as additional tutorials for WWise and SDL Mixer.

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00:00:00 Introduction to Game Audio

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:18 Intro to game audio: linear media

00:05:45 Thinking in terms of conditions

00:07:20 Thinking in real time

00:07:37 Audio production

00:08:50 Processing audio through DAW software

00:10:24 Processing audio through audio middleware

00:12:03 Overview of audio setup in CRYENGINE

00:14:37 Dealing with ambience (echo, reverb)

00:16:26 Game Audio Programming

00:16:26 Working with audio code- overview

00:17:01 abstraction and audio middleware

00:17:52 High level overview of audio code design

00:18:59 Core concepts - audio system

00:24:56 Audio Controls Editor overview

00:26:01 Overview: Executing global functionality

00:27:25 Overview: Executing object-specific functionality

00:29:18 Overview: Executing object-specific functionality without explicitly handling audio objects

00:29:53 Overview: Executing functionality via entities

00:32:35 C++ demo

00:33:32 Enabling audio debugging cVars using a .cfg file

00:34:50 Onscreen debugging information through s_DrawDebug

00:36:15 Audio Controls Editor

00:36:49 Importing audio files into an ACE library

00:37:18 Assigning an imported audio file to a trigger

00:44:16 Executing object-specific functionality withint explicitly handling audio objects

00:45:29 Making audio follow an entity

00:48:58 Creating an aux audio object on an entity


00:16:26 Implementing Game Audio in a Level With FMOD Studio

00:52:35 Introduction to hands-on tutorial

00:53:22 Hands-on middleware tutorial

00:53:37 ACE, sound banks, and triggers

00:55:35 Finding the sample project source files

00:56:10 The fMod interface

00:56:41 Importing audio files into an FMOD event

00:57:02 Understanding multi-instruments in FMOD

00:57:40 Creating a sound bank

00:58:07 Assing an audio event to a sound bank

00:59:02 Adding a sound bank to a CRYENGINE audio library

01:00:09 Add an audio trigger to a library

01:00:39 Organizing audio entities in Level Explorer

01:01:16 Adding a trigger spot to a level

01:01:42 Making an ambient sound loop continuously

01:02:25 Snapping entities to geometry

01:02:46 Audio debugging

01:04:31 Creating a sound for a particle effect in FMOD

01:04:50 Creating a 3D event in FMOD

01:05:57 Adding a loop region to a multi-instrument in FMOD

01:08:37 Preparing ACE triggers while sound banks are still being created

01:10:08 Adding audio to a particle effect

01:11:48 Setting up attenuation in FMOD

01:13:04 Adding a parameter in FMOD

01:14:10 Adding an EQ effect in FMOD 

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