Collision proxies in 3DS Max
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated August 04, 2022
3ds max
cryengine 5.x

The first video in this series demonstrates how to create physical collision proxies for your assets in 3DS Max, and then get them into the engine using the CryExporter tools, in this case focusing on the CryMax plugin. The same process is also shown using an FBX pipeline so you can pick your favored workflow. 

  • 0:28 – Introduction
  • 1:46 – CryTools Installation
  • 2:13 - Physical Collision Proxy creation using the CryMAX Tools
  • 3:43 – Multi - Material Setup
  • 7:20 – Export using CryTools
  • 9:30 – CryTools Proxy Helper Utility
  • 10:43 - Physical Collision Proxy creation using the FBX Pipeline
  • 13:22 – FBX Import into CRYENGINE

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