Point, line, and plane constraints
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated April 09, 2020

An introduction to physics constraints components: point, line, and plane constraints, which limit the movement of a physicalized entity.

  • 00:14 Point constraints
  • 02:26 Using Minimum & Maximum X Angle
  • 03:06 Using damping on constraints
  • 03:33 Limiting range of movement
  • 03:40 The Free Position setting
  • 03:49 Using Minimum & Maximum Angle to limit point constraint movement
  • 04:09 Using Maximum YZ Angle to allow twist on a point constraint
  • 05:13 Adjusting the position of a point constraint relative to a mesh
  • 05:37 Point constraint use cases
  • 06:34 Line constraints
  • 07:31 Using Minimum & Maximum Limit to control range of movement along a line constraint
  • 08:39 Using Attachment Collisions
  • 08:51 Rotating a line constraint relative to a mesh
  • 09:47 Using Lock Rotation
  • 10:05 Plane constraints
  • 11:14 Moving a plane constraint relative to the mesh
  • 11:36 Using Twist rotation and Bend max angle with plane constraints
  • 12:13 Using Bend max angle with plane constraint

Recorded using CRYENGINE 5.6

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