Designing an Animation System for 2020 and Beyond
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Difficulty Advanced
Updated August 03, 2022
cryengine 5.x

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00:00 Intro and Overview 
01:25 CRYENGINE Animation Stack (Current) 
02:30 Mannequin Pros and Cons
05:30 Modular Animation System: Goals 
06:45 System Architecture 
09:30 Playebles & Samples
11:13 Use Case: 3D TPP Action Character
11:40 Starting Off: State Machine
12:45 State Machines: Tags
14:15 State Machines: Transitions 
15:20 Problem: Combining and Modifying Animations 
16:14 Scopes: Expanding the Animation Graph
17:00 Animation Graph Part 1 
17:30 Binding Example 
18:40 Summary: Our Character
19:00 Problem: New Character
19:38 Reusing Setups: Motion Maps
21:20 Problem: Coordinating Animations
22:00 Coordination: Animation Controller
23:23 Timelines: Synchronizing Characters
24:12 Timelines: Annotating Animations 
24:30 Extending the System
25:51 Animation Graphs Part 2
27:00 Animation Stack and Layered Transition Queue 
28:03 Pose Modifier Framework
28:45 Case Study
30:00 Animation Graph: Requirements 
31:00 We are designing a language
33:10 Purely functional DSL
34:20 Example Workflow 
37:10 Debugging the Graph 
39:40 Dealing with state
43:26 DSL Summary
44:28 Computation back-end
46:29 Pose Evaluation 
47:10 Buffer reuse
49:20 Node API 
52:30 Graph Transformations
57:20 Conclusions
57:55 Outro

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