Advanced physics constraints

Constraining and animating entities to 3D mesh surfaces and spline paths

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Difficulty Advanced
Updated April 09, 2020
  • 0:32 The physics area component
  • 2:26 Custom gravity in an physics area component
  • 3:17 Setting up a 3D mesh as a surface constraint
  • 4:18 Add the plane constraint to the moving entity
  • 5:51 Using the entity link name as the constraint component's Helper Link Name
  • 7:39 Review: steps for setting up a 3D surface constraint
  • 7:58 Mesh types available as surface constraints
  • 9:09 Setting up an area shape as a spline constraint
  • 10:34 Adding the physics area spline component
  • 11:59 Positioning the movable entity along the spline path
  • 12:37 Adding the line constraint component to the movable entity
  • 13:10 Rotating the line constraint to be parallel with the spline constraint
  • 13:40 Linking the movable entity to the physics area spline constraint
  • 13:50 Assigning the spline constraint link name to the movable entity's line constraint Helper Link Name
  • 14:57 Animating the movable entity by assigning a force to the spline path
  • 16:09 Constraining and moving an animated mesh along a spline constraint
  • 17:44 Adjusting the radius of the spline constraint tunnel to allow entity movement
  • 19:46 Fixing barrel roll rotation around the spline path
  • 20:58 Using a point constraint component to control barrel roll
  • 22:54 Final tips

Recorded using CRYENGINE 5.6

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