Art Asset Pipeline: PBR Texture Mapping 1/2 - Achieving Photorealism
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated July 16, 2020
cryengine 5.6

The first video in the series introduces the terms and concepts used in PBR and texturing workflows. You will receive an overview of PBR, an explanation of standard texture map types, and a review of material functions and parameters.

The tutorial will arm you with a broad understanding of the topic in advance of the release of the second part in this mini-series, which provides a practical step-by-step guide that you can follow.

Topics covered:

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 2:07 - What is "PBR"?
  • 3:12 - Base Color Texture
  • 3:37 - Normal Texture
  • 4:41 - Displacement Texture
  • 4:57 - Displacement Methods overview
  • 6:36 - Workflow differences: Specular vs Metallic
  • 7:24 - Workflow differences: Gloss vs Roughness
  • 8:29 - Material Function Overview
  • 8:44 - Shader Functionality Overview

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